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When your wife tells you to go to the barn and see if you can get the tractor working, in this household, you know something is up. Clint tries to pry more info out of her but she can withstand the most grueling tickle torture. She does drive home how important it is he goes, right now.

Yeah, something is up.

Not something bad, she would have let on that much. This is something else. So he relents. In the middle of the night, he heads down to the barn and opens the door.

"Nat, if this is you, I'm going back to bed," he mutters on his way in.
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While I'm basically cool with everything, every pairing and rarely squicked, here is a list of some of my favorite kinks and scenarios.

The Good Little Solider
Unquestioning following of orders. In a smutty environment, we're talking him doing exactly what's asked no matter what. Tell him to hold still while getting caned, he's gonna damn well hold still to the best of his ability. Tell him he can't come and he'll squirm and try his hardest not to come. Tell him to hold you down and fuck you senseless, that's what's gonna happen.
This can be combined with the blue stick of mind control or be something consensual with someone he trusts.

The Guilty One
After being mind controlled by Loki, Clint still feels guilt about what he did. He feels he should be punished, even if it wasn't his fault. This is the masochist scenario where he wants to be hurt because it gives some small relief and in some cases pleasure. Hurt him, abuse him, tell him it's his punishment for what he's done. Kinks the work with this are c&bt, orgasm denial, spanking/padding, wax and other erotic forms of pain.

Safe in Control
Still troubled by the events of Avengers; He's so out of control the only thing brings him peace is being in complete control of someone else. It focuses him and gives him peace. It fulfills the need to serve without risk of being used or abused himself. Whatever dark or weird desire the other person has, he'll find a way to fill it. He'll take care of them when he's done and cuddle them to sleep.

Oral/Oral fixation, orgasm denial/control, Sex toys, hands-free orgasm(coming without being touched), public play(toys hidden under clothes), rough sex, whips/paddling/spanking, pain play, sounding, c&bt, nipple play, multiple orgasms, frottage, bondage, sensory dep.

General note: He's willing to give every kink he's willing to get.
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I'm game for anything as long as I don't get bored. Repetition without innovation will bore the crap out of me. I am fucking hard to squick and the only trigger I got is a certain uncommon audible frequency and I doubt that's gonna happen with text.

Only time you need to ask my permission for a scene is if godmodes Clint's actions and reactions. Otherwise I don't care about the set up. You want Clint tied up? Fine with me, I'll come up with a bullshit reason why he got caught. Want to start with him injured? Sure, unless we talked or its meme specific, I choose how badly he's hurt.

I will play het and slash. I will play against canonmates and other canons. I will play with anime characters, video game or whatever else. If I don't tag you back for any reason it's because I am busy or I am bored with the set up or can't make it work.


Mar. 24th, 2013 11:44 pm
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A random Clint Barton RP journal for memes and other pointless shit. shipping, gen, whatever. if it looks like fun I'll toss him that way.

I suffer from chronic shipping disorder. I ship everything. I drop threads if I get bored or busy. I like playing out secret agent stuff, fighting, violence and smut(I'm over 18). Only do fluff on occasion if the mood strikes or a h/c thing.

I don't play in games and don't plan to. Comment or PM to talk to me. Or PP [ profile] calamityjo


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